Boglarka Foghi, “Bogi’ is the founder of ENVIE Skin. Originally from Pecs, Hungary, hers is a true American dream story. The daughter of immigrants, a home making Mother and a scientist/professor Father, her childhood roots were strong and her sights set high.

Bogi has been blazing trails in the spheres of career, beauty, fitness, and more for the last two decades; she earned an MBA and Juris Doctorate Degree from John Marshall Law School, was crowned Mrs. New Mexico in 2008, opened her own law firm in the Albuquerque area in 2009, and picked up several awards as a competitive Latin dancer along the way.

A fierce advocate for the welfare of children and families and the empowerment of women in her work as a spokesperson, lawyer and entrepreneur, she has always had a heart for helping others.  

After experiencing damaging skin issues as a teen and healing from them, she spent decades searching for products to help others do the same.

ENVIE is an extension of this passion, in her own words, “My dream is to help other people look and feel comfortable in their own skin.”

As all good stories go, the road was not always easy for her, nor did she accomplish all of this alone. She credits a combination of influences, including her father, husband, childhood and teen experiences with inspiring her to develop ENVIE Cosmetics.

As a teen, Bogi had hormone based acne, which scarred her self-esteem, and sent her on a lifelong mission to learn the secrets of vibrant skin and separate beauty industry sales myth from fact.

This led her to studying nutrition, fitness, and the chemistry of good products, and ultimately to develop the ENVIE product line. The work of her father, a widely published women's health scientist, and her husband, a heart and vein doctor who ran a clinic specializing in state of the art dermatological procedures as well, were hugely influential to her vision. 

At the core of her inspiration for ENVIE was her childhood in Hungary, and the imprint it left in her of self care, joy and beauty as a way of life.

When Bogi recounts her European upbringing, she describes family trips and vacations to the baths, natural hot springs where men, women and children of all ages regularly retreated for healing, relaxation and recreation. She describes an effortlessly fit lifestyle of walks, bike rides, and hikes in the mountains, meals of locally grown healthful foods, and the accessibility of local spas that offered facials and skincare treatments that anyone could afford.

“Just as Americans go to football games and movies, we went to the baths and to get beauty treatments,” she explains. “Hungarian women take tremendous care of themselves, and are known around the world for their exquisite beauty... yet how they achieve it is so vastly different from American standards, so natural and so simple.”

It is her goal to share this wisdom with her customers through ENVIE, to make radiant, lasting, natural beauty accessible to all.