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Envie Skin

Get Glowing Woods Serum

Get Glowing Woods Serum

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What it is:  A universal skin type serum with universal benefits- balance, hydrate, and protect your skin with all-in-one step skincare essential

Why we love it:

  • Aromas of sandalwood, douglas fir, and frankincense with top notes of lavender and citrus    
  • Superstar avocado oil works to deliver a youthful glow by moisturizing and protecting the barrier of the skin from harmful UV rays all while increasing the metabolism of skins collagen production
  • Anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory coconut oil kicks acne out of the picture by protecting the skin against harmful bacteria, reducing inflammation, and healing wounds
  • Skin’s outer barrier is strengthened with hemp oil whose team of antioxidants work to preserve water leaving skin smooth and firm 
  • Our multipurpose formula can also be applied to ends of hair for breakage prevention and an extra boost of moisture 

✨Always ✨


*Organic and/or Natural Ingredients

*Ethically purchased, fair trade

*Environmentally Friendly

Ingredients: rosehip seed oil*, hemp oil*, coconut oil*,  avocado oil*, argan oil*, melaleuca*, vitamin E (tocopherol), woods blend, lavender extract, hyaluronic acid


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